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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dan Hicks - Crazy For Christmas - and Kazoos!

"Those arrangements feature your basic swing jazz band instrumentation (guitar, piano, bass and drums) with one noticeable addition: the kazoo. Hicks chuckles when asked about the inclusion of that populist and often scorned instrument. “I swore once that the kazoo would never be on my bandstand,” he says. “But somehow the two girls doing kazoos makes it.

Now I got the kazoo every now and then with that ‘kazoo duo,’ but hardly ever a kazoo alone. The kazoo is a staple of the jug band so I hear enough of it with that band. I hear enough, period. Who doesn’t? You never hear it and it’s still enough.” Given that pronouncement, can he think of anything particularly positive to recommend the kazoo? He thinks for a moment. “It’s sort of like singing, though more like falsetto for a guy. You can scat on it and get musical ideas going. You can play it like an instrument and take a solo. That’s a plus."

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