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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Electric Kazoo!

At NAMM 2009, Kazoobie Kazoos introduced the all-new Electric Kazoo with the genuine "Hummbucker" pickup. This rockin' kazoo was a hit of the show and selected for the "Best of Show" presentation.


Anonymous said...

what is the difference between the kazooka and kazoobie

Rick Hubbard - Kazoobie Kazoos said...

The Kazooka is a fine electric kazoo product that is actually made with Kazoobie Kazoos.

The Kazooka uses a special pickup adapted for use on Kazoobie Kazoos. Each unit is hand made.

The Kazoobie "Hummbucker" Electric Kazoo uses a newly developed proprietary pickup designed to work with Kazoobie Kazoos and to be interchangeable among various Kazoobie Kazoos.

The Kazooka and the Hummbucker have slightly different sounds - much in the way that guitar players get different sounds from Fender and Gibson guitars.

Every serious electric kazoo player should own both in order to cover the entire electric kazoo sound palette.

Either way you will using the best quality kazoo - Kazoobie Kazoos - Made In The USA.

Anonymous said...

hello. we are kazooBand.

Midnight Habit said...

I came across the Kazooka first, thought it was cool, and bought one. In response to "what's the difference," the Hummbucker looks a bit more neat and tidy, and less awkward with regard to the pickup. I've had a little trouble keeping the pickup seated properly on my Kazooka, and the way the cable makes a U-turn pulls on it, right where you have to hold it. The Hummbucker puts it up and more out of the way and makes it easier to see that it's a Kazoo. It also has a 5' longer cable (both use 1/4" jack) and costs $10 less.
That being said, I've totally enjoyed my Kazooka. It's the added FX that make either sound cool, though. I've now heard many examples of them both, most of which I'd have to put in the "Silly" catagory (I've no idea why using an electric kazoo would inspire silliness. Lol). My own first Kazooka tune sounds a bit more serious, and you'd probably think it was a guitar, if you didn't know. You can listen to the whole song here http://midnighthabit.bandcamp.com/track/midnight-adlib-session?permalink.
I used an Digi-Tech EX-7 Expression Factory pedal and a Line 6, Micro Spider amp with "Insane" distortion, tape echo and chorus flanger. The bit which sounds like a pic scrasping on a bass string at the beginning and end, the legato "guitar" solo, and the word "midnight" at the end were all done with the Kazooka. The othe four tracks were done on a Roland JD800.
I'll probably get a Hummbucker, too. If you're into the weird and quirky, or just want to get a laugh from your audience, I highly recommend an electric kazoo (either one). They're lots of fun.