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Friday, December 7, 2007

The Hollow Trees Use Kazoobie Kazoos

The Hollow Trees are the best folk band "for families" that you have never heard. By "for families" we mean little kids would love it as much as their parents.

Mixing Americana, folk, and pop, The Hollow Trees keep it simple enough for children with the G-rated lyrics. The music, however, is authentic, pure, and as good as anything you'd hear from your grandpa's best bluegrass records.

Quote From Interview:
Everybody loves kazoos! They were quite popular as musical instruments in the 20's, and I think they're due for a comeback. We have a deuling kazoo solo on one of the songs on the new record.

These kazoos are the highest quality made in the USA Kazoobie Kazoos with The Hollow Trees' logo on them. I'm really proud of them.

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